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Are you ready to give up? Don’t!

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“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success.”

~ Ross Perot

Do your goals make you happy?

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal.

Not to people or things.”

~ Albert Einstein

“What New Thing Will You Try In 2016?”

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“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is a Conservant Coach?

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     Heart + Start Coaching is a new approach to coaching. Recently, as I was establishing this brand for coaching, I was thinking about how to describe myself as a coach. As I searched the Internet, and look for different titles of coaches I’ve discovered none match what I was looking for in Heart + Start Coaching. So, I moved to looking at different terms and words which would describe what I do as a coach. Again I could not find the right word or phase.

      I continued to search for the answer to the question, Who am I as a coach? Then it occurred to me that there were two words, which describe a Heart + Start coach. These two words were “conserve” and “servant”. The word conserve means to maintain a (quantity) constant during the process of a chemical, physical, or evolutionary change. Therefore, “conserve” is to provide a constant in production of change or transformation within a process. The second word “servant” means to come along side of another person and to serve them and to serve with them.

      So I coined the word, “conservant“.  As a Conservant Coach, I  help the person being coached maintain a constant state of body, mind, and spirit as they moved through the many constant changes, transitions, and transformations in their life and work.

     Here are several benefits to having a Conservant Coach:

  •  Identify personal strengths and how to work out of your strengths, not your weaknesses
  •  Establish “whysmart” goals for planning and execution of your vision
  •  Empowers individuals to be accountable and responsible for their own actions and commitments
  •  Improve self performance
  •  Makes a person feel valued and gives him/her self-assurance
  •  Communication is more effectively and skillfully practiced
  •  Enhances your decision-making

      If you would like to learn more about working with your own Conservant Coach, please respond to this blog!


One Woman, One Small Church And The Power of God

3176-NOGBLAI want to introduce you to one of the greatest ministry opportunities on the face of this planet. The ministry is the Door of H ope, started in a small church in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa fifteen years a go. I was first introduced to this mission on one of my first trips to South Africa in the late 1990’s.

imageThe founder and director of the Door of Hope is Cheryl Allen, who was the pastor of the small inner city church. She discovered at that time 40 to 50 babies were being abandoned every month and left to die of starvation and exposure. These babies were being left in trash bins, toilets , and on the side of the road in the bush. The church made a hold in the wall that surrender the church and installed a “baby bin” where the babies could be left. There was an electronic alarm to signal the workers inside the church in order for them to retrieve the baby who was left in the bin.

The members of the congregation along with Pastor Cheryl distributed flyers all over downtown Johannesburg. The news spread fast to the mothers that they could bring their baby to the Door of Hope and the child would receive care. In 1999, the first baby was delivered to the church. Since then over 1,350 babies have passed through the doors of the little church. Over the years these babies have come to this haven of care by their mothers, the police, community members, hospitals, and clinics.

To learn more about this special ministry and how you can get involved visit: