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What does it mean to “follow” Christ? There are several scripture passages that speak of following The Lord. One very familiar passage is, where Jesus called Peter to come and follow him. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) The Greek word used here is ‘deute’, which means to come after or is translated “follow”. The word is also in the imperative form meaning it is not a request but a command “to go after.” So, Jesus was saying to Peter, James and John come follow me and I will make you fishers of men. You will no longer be fisherman, but now you will fish for men.


This passage is often used in arguing for evangelism and reaching people with Christ, however I want to challenge you to step back and take another look at the passage. The imperative here was to “follow me”. Jesus was calling his disciples to come after him and imitate His life. To follow him! Watch him!  And to live like him!


The main issue facing the church today is that she has lost her identity. The church does not understand her role in today’s world. Some see the church as a place of worship. Others see her as a mission station taking the message of Christ to a dying world. While others envision the church as a place of healing and peace. All these images are correct, however the metaphor Jesus used was that of simply following him.


The church and individual Christians must once again today, become followers of Christ. We need “follow-ship” back in the church, not just leadership. Follow-ship involves the ability to focus completely and totally on the person of Christ, while discovering where the Spirit of God is ministering and following Him wherever He leads. There is an old hymn, “Follow On” by William O. Cushing, which the chorus goes like this:


Follow! Follow! I will follow Jesus!

Anywhere, Everywhere I will follow on!

Follow! Follow! I will follow Jesus!

Everywhere He leads me I will follow on!


Will you follow Him today? Whatever the cost? Wherever He leads? Jesus calls, “FOLLOW ME!”

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