“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working through the material of RAC learning management system. Each session has managed to find the very fine balance between simplicity and profundity. in particular, the goal setting session has (I believe) introduced a new chapter into my life in a very timely way. Having said that, the learning management system can only take the experience part of the way. Jim Wadford has provided the much need experience, probing questions, excellent advise and depth of insight (into the material) that has made the whole experience nothing short of life changing.”

Richard, —  Durban South Africa



“Jim is brilliant, well-informed and able to turn complex problems into opportunities for growth and development. He is one who enjoys a grand sense of inclusion.”

Harold Wooten, — Senior Consultant


“I would highly recommend Jim as coach or organizational consultant. He has extensive experience working with individuals as well as the organizations they lead. Jim devotes considerable time and effort to maintaining and enhancing his professional skills and knowledge base. He is well versed in the most current management and organizational development models and theories.”

Russ Conley, — Owner, D.R. Conley & Associates, Inc. North Carolina


“I recommend Jim without hesitation, he was instrumental in helping me build my business.”

Shaun Kruse, — Certified Financial Planner


I have been in a coaching relationship with Jim Wadford since early 2010 to the present. His coaching has had significant value for me, both in my professional and private life.

During this time Jim has coached me through several changes in my life, the most significant one being the move from the position of Senior Pastor of a smaller church (200 in attendance) to becoming the Senior Pastor of a much larger church (900 in attendance with a much larger staff). The transition to the new church has gone extremely well and I credit a significant part of this success to coaching from Jim that was particularly focused on transitions and change, both professional and personal.

During the latter part of 2011 and for the whole of 2012 our church has shown steady growth and Jim has coached me through the changes and challenges that this growth has brought. In particular he has helped me with the implementation of systems and procedures. This has been of great benefit both to me and the organization.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jim as a coach and will continue to use his services as long as I am able.

John Benn, — Sr. Pastor, Westville Baptist, Durban, South Africa


“Thank you for all of your help in our coaching sessions. I thank you for your practical approach to the everyday challenges of ministry as well as your much appreciated suggestions for books, methods, etc. I feel as if I am better equipped for ministry as I move ahead. You have certainly shown me that we are called to be faithful, not perfect.”

Darren, — North Carolina


“Jim’s ability to listen well and to talk wisely about what he hears distinguishes him as a coach.”

Beth, — North Carolina


“Taking the step to begin Coaching turned out to be one of the greatest decisions in my life. Over the course of a 5 month period I was challenged personally as a husband and father, professionally as a manager and spiritually to enter a closer walk with the Lord. My life has been forever changed as a result.

Jennifer and I have talked many times since the end of the sessions. I told her I have crossed paths with ‘smart students’ during the college years and worked with many ‘smart professionals’ in the power business, but I’ve never worked one-on-one with someone, like Dr. Jim Wadford, with this level of integrity, passion and wisdom. It has been a privilege and I appreciate his willingness to invest in my life. I’m hopeful there will be a future opportunity for additional coaching.”

John, — Manager with Electrical Utilities Company, Poplar Bluff, MO


“Jim Wadford combines his gentle Grace with his gift for powerful questions to guide a well conceived process that I have found to be very encouraging. He has changed my life.”

John, — Nashville, TN