What is a Conservant Coach?

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     Heart + Start Coaching is a new approach to coaching. Recently, as I was establishing this brand for coaching, I was thinking about how to describe myself as a coach. As I searched the Internet, and look for different titles of coaches I’ve discovered none match what I was looking for in Heart + Start Coaching. So, I moved to looking at different terms and words which would describe what I do as a coach. Again I could not find the right word or phase.

      I continued to search for the answer to the question, Who am I as a coach? Then it occurred to me that there were two words, which describe a Heart + Start coach. These two words were “conserve” and “servant”. The word conserve means to maintain a (quantity) constant during the process of a chemical, physical, or evolutionary change. Therefore, “conserve” is to provide a constant in production of change or transformation within a process. The second word “servant” means to come along side of another person and to serve them and to serve with them.

      So I coined the word, “conservant“.  As a Conservant Coach, I  help the person being coached maintain a constant state of body, mind, and spirit as they moved through the many constant changes, transitions, and transformations in their life and work.

     Here are several benefits to having a Conservant Coach:

  •  Identify personal strengths and how to work out of your strengths, not your weaknesses
  •  Establish “whysmart” goals for planning and execution of your vision
  •  Empowers individuals to be accountable and responsible for their own actions and commitments
  •  Improve self performance
  •  Makes a person feel valued and gives him/her self-assurance
  •  Communication is more effectively and skillfully practiced
  •  Enhances your decision-making

      If you would like to learn more about working with your own Conservant Coach, please respond to this blog!


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